Iraq has Opened New Ways for Local & International Investors: Iraqi President

The Iraqi President Fuad Masum has confirmed that Iraqi government has opened opportunities to all investors in the fields of building and reconstruction in the country. He delivered his words at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East & North Africa. The WEF has started on Saturday 20th May 2017 at the Dead Sea in Jordan. Heads and leaders from a number of countries including 1,100 politicians and personal businessmen from at least 50 countries are also participating in the event. Iraqi President said thanks to the will of God, handsome support from the Iraqi national unity and unforgettable support from friendly countries. He added that Iraq has achieved a significant amount of victory over terrorism and to eliminate Daesh. He said Iraqi forces have regained the entire Mosul and it was considered a stronghold area of Daesh in Nineveh. He expressed his hopes that Iraqi forces will entirely terminate Daesh from Iraq at the end of current year.

Iraq has Opened New Ways for Local & International Investors: Iraqi PresidentMasum said that Iraqi people are now confident and working actively in order to participate in the reconstruction process in the country. He added that battle inside Iraq is too complicated than the war on terrorism. We are giving priorities to resettle Iraqi displaced people and the reconstruction process in the liberated areas. He pointed out that Iraq is setting comprehensive and ambitious plans to restore services and empowering the infrastructure in the most affected areas in participation with our friends and international community. He appreciated the attitude from donor countries, especially the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other international organizations. He emphasized on more support from them in order to speedily finalize reconstruction projects in the country. Masum added that Iraq has opened new ways for local & international investors to participate in the reconstruction process in Iraq.

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