Iraq has Blocked Americans to enter in Iraq

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has Blocked Americans to enter in Iraq and demanded that the U.S President Donald Trump should reconsider the decision of banning entry for Iraqi citizens into the United States and described it as a “Wrong” decision.

A spokesman of Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Ahmad Jamal issued a statement that Iraqi foreign ministry has expressed “guilt & surprise” about the decision of the U.S President Trump for adding Iraq in its list of restricted countries. This decision will prevent Iraqi nationals to enter in the United States. He also added that this decision has been considered an unfortunate decision issued against one of the major allies connected to a strategic partnership with the United States. He stressed that it is important to reconsider the wrong decision made against Iraq. He said that Iraq actually needs to develop and strengthen the strategic partnership with the United States. It is very important and essential to increase cooperation between both countries in the fight against terrorism and it would be in the best interest for both countries.

Blocked Americans

Blocked Americans

Point to be noted that the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives also presented a paper for voting. The Iraqi Parliament undoubtedly adopted a resolution to deal in the same pattern with the United States (but it doesn’t bound Iraqi government). Our authentic source in the Information Service of Iraqi Parliament, Anatolia said that a paper was submitted in the House of Representatives by the Iraqi Committee of Foreign Relations regarding the issue of preventing the Iraqi citizens to enter in the United States. The Iraqi Parliament has voted on a decision for blocking the entry of American citizens in Iraq. The Iraqi Parliament also voted on recommendations that the United Nations, International Organizations, League of Arab States and Islamic Cooperation Organization should take an immediate step regarding the issue. Trump said that this move will provide a significant amount of help in protecting the American citizens from terrorist attacks.

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