Iraq has a rare tourist reservoirs in the world

Iraq has a rare tourist reservoirs in the world


Baghdad Iraq – Shkran Fatlawi said Economist: The tourism sector is a payoff financially significant and one of the main means of diversifying the financing of the budget as well as industry and agriculture, but careless did not receive the attention required expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine said in an interview for the “morning” that given this sector a priority in support can contribute significantly and active in the transmission of the Iraqi economy from a yield of oil to the diverse dependent production and service sectors generating income for pointing out that this sector revive and develop industries Alvolkloreh, popular and old craft, which was the focus of attention of tourists.

oldest church in the world Antoine pointed out that “the tourism sector of important economic sectors and contribute to a great extent in the national income and gross domestic product in most countries, nature tourism, due to its importance in these economies has met with more attention to what generated hard currency, as well as run for a large sector of employment” He pointed out that “the tourism sector in Iraq needs the structure and range of tourism enterprises with the attributes of the reservoirs tourist and multiple types of Saahat in the forefront of religious tourism that Iraq is at the forefront of countries in the region because it combines three heavenly religions and traces great for all religions,”

pointing out that he owns the oldest church in the world since the advent of Christianity in 70 AD, as well as possessing a lot of monasteries and shrines and old monasteries in the north of Iraq and in addition to this and that Iraq is a monopoly shrines divine in Karbala, Najaf and others where he is visiting approximately 300 to 400 million visitors a year and no alternative in all countries of the world, he said.

tourism promotion and stressed Antoine that this “sector needs to develop and design a strategy for the development and restructuring by promoting integrated tourism and qualified Iraqi intervention of intellectuals in this sector, pointing out that the other point to take these elites upon themselves and representations trade in all countries in the world to provide foreign tourists with pictures and posters and other advertisements, as well as the training of Iraqi workforce because Iraq lacks culture and tourism awareness, “adding that Iraq imported more than 4000 thousands of workers to serve the Arab Summit Conference held in Baghdad.

pointed out that the country suffers Unemployment large and chronic pointing out that the tourism sector is possible that accommodates no less than a quarter of existing unemployment, which rose increase among young people significantly, which reflected its impact negatively on society, noting that interest in the tourism sector will bring between cultures through friction with foreign tourists and this good feature we miss her .

cadre tourist and repeat say that this sector has great interest in the economies of the countries have met with more care and attention as an important tributary of the tributaries of economic development and with Maimitlk Iraq from tourist places, whether archaeological – heritage – religious – and places to fish from the far north to the far south but lacks the cadre tourist sophisticated can interact with tourists and offers his service,

as in other countries of the world, rather than the use of foreign labor to create job opportunities for the unemployed in restaurants – hotels – transportation – other services, as well as the achievement of revenue, pointing to its success in the Kurdistan region, where visited by no less than 200 to 250 000 people a week, especially in the various events from all regions of Iraq and wondered about the absence of such tourist cities in the south and Baghdad and its lack of these services with Maatmtlk of lakes and environment and places of tourist variety.

Tourism and Antiquities The Tourism Commission representative to activate of tourism for the development of tourism and monuments, especially in the province of Najaf, which is a tourist place boasts By preserving advantages of tourism Islamic religious and what can play these places in increased tourist activity of religious plays a positive active role in economic development in the province, adding that the province has more than 200 sites enriched within its borders need to open their doors in front of tourists.

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