Iraq Got 2nd Position in Gulf and 92nd in the World in Power Engineering Index

This is a good news for Iraq for being placing at the Arab level on Second Number whie at 92nd number on the global level in the index of power engineering 2015. This has measured the performance of power engineering of the world economic forum 2015, which was issued for the third year in a row. if we look at the 124 countries out of the 125 countries in the index of 2014, and 105th rank in the index of 2013. This is overall good for the growing economic zone of Iraq. The reports assesses the the ability of energy syste. In order to highlight the potential growth of  any country, the index uses a set of indicators, which will highlight the performance of the country in every aspect of energy engineering, which will also represent the ability of each country to create safe, security, sustainable, easily assessed, and cheap energy.

The aim of the classification and registration performance of the power engineering in the country was assembled with the 18 samples with indicators in three baskets, according to the three priorities of the triangle of energy are: Economic and growth development, environmental stability, ensure the availability, and access of energy. According to the report, with the rising demands, Iraq can become a suitable choice.

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