Iraq Collected More Tax Revenues in the Year 2017: Taxation Authority

The Iraqi General Authority for Taxation has indicated a significant amount of increase in its total revenues for the current year 2017 and mentioned the total revenues at 4 trillion and 500 billion Iraqi dinars. The Authority has obtained tax revenues of four trillion dinars since the beginning of the year 2017, including containing 700 billion Iraqi dinars of the trusts deposited with the Authority. It has been considered up to 25% increase from last year 2016, as it was calculated at 3 trillion and 400 billion Iraqi diners. The Iraqi Ministry of Finance has indicated that tax revenues jumped during 2016 and 2017 to 3 times as compare to the tax revenues during the years 2014-2015, and it collected more revenues between one trillion and 700 billion Iraqi dinars.

Iraq Collected More Tax Revenues in the Year 2017: Taxation AuthorityThe statement of Iraqi Finance Ministry also indicated that their concerns forwarded attention to the department of Taxation Authority in the provinces. These departments are efficiently working in spite of the difficult and critical conditions because most of the buildings are rented and do not fit the provisions of the work. It has been able to depend on self-ability to enhance the performance of the job and efficiently adopt the dealing method with taxpayers. The foundation is the activity of decreasing the similarities between the names of individuals and taxpayers of companies, business owners and professions with high incomes. It is important that this system has granted at least 150 thousand identities.

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