Iraq Building Partnerships To Support Iraqi Economy

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – Most of the economic experts and specialists predicted that Iraq will be able to get advantages by its geographical location to achieve maintainable development for the establishment of industrial contracts and partnerships with most of the famous international companies. These partnerships could be beneficial for Iraqi economy and to reduce the financial crisis.

According to the economic experts, Iraq would come out from these financial crises in the near future because Iraq is working very hard and applying various elements for success. There is much necessary the most perfect security condition and suitable environment for economic stability in the country.

Iraq has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran, to collaborate and establish a joint company and building a factory in Iraq, for electrical transformer manufacturing purpose. The Iraqi Electricity Ministry and Iranian power is working on this project, and this project will be start by an Iranian famous company which would be a perfect breakthrough to the electricity industry. It is important that international standards, styles and developments are changing rapidly, so Iraq should maintain a specific quality and quantity of skilled workforce to meet these international changes for economic stability. Economists stressed that partnerships with economic emerging countries would participate efficiently and appreciably to reduce the negative factors of the global financial crisis.

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