Iraq Breaking Record Of Oil Exports in The Month Of April

The Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul mahdi issued a statement that in the month of April, the Iraqi oil exports recorded at 92 million & 800 thousand barrels. Point to be noted that about 13 million barrels oil is included from Kirkuk and Kurdistan. It is considered that Iraq is still facing some major problems that are to be addressed to protect the Iraq’s economic condition.

Abdul Mahdi further said in a statement that we have recorded meaningful progress in the production of oil with record breaking in the month of April. It has been considered as wonderful achievements in the near future. He further said that Iraqi oil exports in the last month recorded at 92 million & 800 thousand barrels also including 78 million & 800 thousand barrels from the southern oil fields. Iraq is exporting its Kirkuk and Kurdistan oil from Turkish port of Ceyhan, which is recorded 13 million barrels in the month of April. The Iraqi oil minister further added that the country is facing war condition and problems in its infrastructure and shortage of pure water, and a number of administrative problems.

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