Iraq Approaches UN For One Billion Dollars Receivable Dues

Iraq NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– After the release from chapter vii, Iraq is looking to collect Iraqi dinar and receivables from different countries of the world that were frozen after invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. These funds were freeze in the different countries of the world as a result of sanctions imposed by United Nation on Iraq. Now Iraq is free from chapter vii and wants to receive back those funds granted to the different countries of the world for investment or support purposes.

According to the finance committee of Iraq, there are eighteen countries in the world whom Iraq supported by granting loans. The Africans and some Arab countries are included in the list of such countries that indebted to Iraq. Some countries in of central Asia are also in the list of Iraq for this purpose. The finance minister of Iraq told that some African countries like Niger, Nigeria etc. are refusing to back the Iraq funds. Therefore Iraq decided to go in the international court to bring back its fund in the country.  According to initial reports, the total debts that Iraq claimed are calculated one billion 317 million dollars that it aim to receive back from other countries of the world.

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