Iraq and Kurdistan

Whenever we think about Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Kurdistan, the first thing that comes in the mind is the violence. The violence is prevailing on the sky of Iraq and Kurdistan for a number of years, and caused thousands of deaths in the region. Everyone knows the recent war between Iraq and United States and the results and effects of this war on the life of a common person.

Kurdistan remained safe in all these recent conflicts. The Kurdish people have faced a severe time with the former president Saddam Husain and his cruel son Uday Husain. A chemical weapon attack was committed by the Iraqi forces on Kurdistan in 1989 in which thousands of Kurd people were killed. No doubt that Kurdistan was badly affected by these chemical attacks by Iraqi army but they were determined and courageous and made as much hard work as they could and rebuild their country.

Now Kurdistan is considered to be a Switzerland of Middle East due to its peace, beauty and hospitality. Though it is known as Iraqi Kurdistan but the situation is completely different from Iraq. Iraqi Dinar is the currency of Kurdistan as it is the part of Iraq. All the business matters are settled in this currency. Though Kurdistan is the part of Iraq, yet the Iraq doesn’t consider their income in the total income of the country. Kurdistan is rich in the agriculture and exports its agricultural products to the nearby regions.

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