Iraq Achieved Standard Level of Oil Exports in June

On Sunday, the Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mehdi issued a statement that Iraq has crossed its standard oil export level in last month of June. It is also indicated that the next heavy launch in Basra oil destroyed the limit of quantity to maintain the Iraqi oil quality. Mehdi further added in a press statement that Iraq has destroyed its standard limit of oil in the last month of June with fifth continuous month. He also pointed out that Iraq has made a major breakthrough in its oil exports through Basra. It is estimated with the amount of 3.187 million barrels per day in the last month as we compare to the month of May, which was estimated 3.145 million barrels per day and it was at only 1 million barrels per day in the month of April. Kurdistan region has exported 360000 barrels in the favor of Iraq.

He also added that we have achieved some major targets in the way of Iraqi oil exports in order to improve the Iraqi financial and economic condition. A number of major projects were stopped and destructed our goals, which plagued our oil installation in various locations because Daash disturbed most of our oil fields and gave a major loss to our economy and destroyed our oil industry and oil fields. But, Basra increased our oil production and oil exports.

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