Iraq is at 37th Place in Worldwide Hard-Cash

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Sunday, the World Gold Council announced that Saudi Arabia ranked on first and Iraq has ranked at fifth in Gold reserve in the Arab world and the United States ranked on first and Iraq ranked at 37th position globally. According to a World Council report, after the Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Libya, the Iraq has placed on fifth rank. He also added that the gold value was at 4.9% as hard currency of Iraq.

The World Council also added that according to a publication of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Iraq was ranked at 37/100 globally with more than 89.8 tons gold reserves in the current year 2015. The Council also confirmed that the United States has more than 8133 tons gold reserves, so the United States is ranked first, Germany is at second position and Albania is at the last position, this country has one ton & 600 Kg Gold reserves.

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