Iranian New Nuclear Agreement Would Reflect Positive Impact: Adviser to PM

On Wednesday, the Economic Affairs Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Saleh issued a press statement that new Iranian agreement would not reflect a negative impact on the oil prices, especially when we consider about the Iraqi oil exports. Muhammad Saleh further added that after finalizing the agreement, the Iran will be able to export its oil liberally. This agreement would not reflect any impact on Iraqi oil prices. Point to be noted that the total worldwide oil production is approaching to 94 million barrels per day but demand for oil is decreasing globally and it seems at the constant level in this increasing growth. It is also expected that there will be a meaningful decline in the global oil prices.

Some senior economic experts also overstated and misguided and most of the speculators are getting benefits from the fluctuating prices in the markets to get more credits, but this process will not improve the growth in the economy of the country. The Economic Affairs Adviser to PM also added that lifting sanctions from the Iran would increase stability in the economy and the activities regarding economic growth would enhance. If the global oil prices would stabilize and doesn’t show another decline then it will ne be blown up in landing process. It would provide an increase in the profits for the western strategic forces.

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