Iran to Train Iraqi Management Experts

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– It is important that the different people are given a good system of management for a better understanding of different things. They need to see how they can manage marketing and other things in a better way. The minister of trade discussed the trade ways with the Iranian ambassador which was an excellent thing for the country. Iraq needs to strengthen its position as a country and manage out things in a better way.

Both the countries need to understand the basics about the trade between them. it is a good idea to handle things out in a better way by initializing a good role in the management of trade and bilateral relations and gaining a better economic trend. Building good relations with Iran would help the country in several sectors.

It has been noted by Iraq that the trade relations between the two countries which were very good and above five billion in the year 2013 has dropped down to just above one billion in the year 2014. With good trade relations it would be a good idea for Iraq because it needs to have good neighbors so that in time of need it can refer to them for different things.

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