Iran to Start Exporting Gas to Iraq From Next Year

Iraq NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– In the recent meeting with Iranian President, the prime minister of Iraq Noor Al Maliki discussed about the gas contract with Iran. The Iranian President ensured Noor Al Maliki the completion of the project as soon as possible. The contract was signed between two countries in 2012 to export natural gas to Iraq by 2014. The contract is was delay due to unstable political condition in the country. The conflict between Kurdistan and Iraq was major cause of this delay.

Iraq could not pay required amount on time to the working community at Iraq Iran border. It was due to delay in annual budget of Iraq and the preparations of general elections of Iraq. Kurdistan is required to join parliament session to approve annual budget of Iraq but they are on boycott for their rights. Moreover, Kurdistan is not happy with the rising influence of Iran in the Iraq. They think that most of the key decisions are taken after the negotiation with Iran and they are not happy with that. Some people think that the Iran offered gas contract to minimize the influence of United States of America in the region as they consider United States as an enemy of the state.

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