Investment Opportunities and Security Situation in Iraq

A member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, Riaz Al-Tamimi issued a statement. Al-Tamimi said the international investment weakness is due to poor security and economic condition in the country. He said in a statement that a number of countries and international companies have shown their desire to enter the Iraqi market and investment in all fields. Al-Tamimi added that there are a number of factors but one of the major reasons is the security instability in some areas in the country. He also confirmed that most areas in the country are offering a suitable environment for investment. Al-Tamimi pointed out the importance of activating the procedures and laws encouraging investment with the provision of the appropriate security environment.

Investment Opportunities and Security Situation in Iraq

It would reflect a positive image of foreign investors to enter Iraq and start projects that benefit the parties with simplified and encouraging procedures. He said Iraqi can’t move to a better economic reality without international participation in reconstruction and reconstruction and investment in all Fields. It is important that the Iraqi Ministry of Oil issued the high rates of refineries production of gasoline fuel and gas oil than the rates of production during the year 2018. The Undersecretary for the liquidation affairs, Hamid Younis issued a statement. He said the production of gasoline has experienced a daily increase of at least 3 million liters per day and it was added to production during the last year.

It is bringing the daily rate to 14 million and 293 thousand liters per day. The last year’s production was calculated at 11.448 million liters per day. Younis added that the production of gas oil fuel has also witnessed a remarkable increase. It showed an increase of about 4 million liters per day than last year’s production rates. A significant amount of increase to 11 million and 228 thousand liters per day after the average production last year was approaching 7 million and 836 thousand liters per day. It is noteworthy that an annual ranking shows Iraq ranked 19th position but wasn’t ranked in the list of the 80 most powerful countries in the world in 2018. The United States retained its position of the most powerful country in the world during the year 2019.

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