Investment Law Amendment Scheduled for Iraqi Parliament: Najiba Najib

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The representative of the economy and investment commission said that there is not any type of disagreement regarding the investment law. The insertion of the amendment the law investment is under the discussion for the parliamentary session, which will take place according to the schedule. A Parliamentary Finance Committee member Najiba Najib issued a statement that the draft investment law will be discussed inside the parliament and in the front of the House of Representatives. She further said that we are working very hard with our best efforts for the success of this project and we have collected opinions from our local, as well as foreign investors. He said that we have arranged a number of workshops and meetings with people who are involved in investment their money and assets.

She further added that we have focused on the paragraph of decentralization project and financing in the major projects and land. She added that there is a large corruption in distribution land projects. She also indicated that the law of investment will be passed before closing sessions of the parliament. The House of Representatives approved Iraqi investment law in 2006, at that time it opened doors for foreign investors to bring their investment in Iraq. At that time, Iraqi government also introduced a lot of facilities for investors but many foreign companies are still hesitating because of poor security situation in Iraq.

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