Investment is Still a Controversial Topic When Its About Iraq

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Investment in Iraq has been an important topic for most of the people and political attraction due to its usefulness, development levels, securing new and powerful sources, and its participation in empowering the economic condition in the country. But a different kind of discussion is circulating in the Iraqi Parliament about new investment law. Most of the time debate is reflecting on the mental stress and calmness political interference. These issues are due to some unclear points in the paragraphs of new investment law and deficiency legally in the draft that increased the debate on this new investment law, but most important is the political instability in the country and in the Parliament. A number of debates for its reviews have been done by the political blocs and it is considered a major reason for its postponement.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers forwarded the draft of new investment law to the House of Representatives but it is taking a considerable amount of time to finalize and to become a part of Iraqi constitution. This new investment law would attract new productive sources in a number of Iraqi sectors by local and foreign investors. It has the capability to magnify the services and production of goods in various sectors such as Trade, Industry and Agriculture sectors. It would also provide an increase in the revenue of the country, reducing deficit, to decrease in unemployment and in improving the living standards after boosting the economic condition of Iraq. Most of the local and foreign investors would get more perfect environment for investment after implementation of this new amended investment law.

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