International Support for Water Development Industry

The International Finance Corporation and the French Agency for Development are members of the World Bank group and they have provided a loan of 12 million U.S dollars and 8 million U.S dollars for the companies of water bottles in order to empower the production level of bottled water in Iraq. It will also participate in the Iraqi private sector to motivate the investors in non-oil sector development in Iraq. This is a long-term based loan and it would provide support for Ahram company to rearrange its existing manufacturers in Zakho and Sulaymaniyah towns in the Kurdistan region. It would also provide support in expanding their new line of production of bottled water which will participate to enhance the production level and to giving job security for employees and suppliers of the company.

A member of the Al Ahram Company’s Executive board also pointed out that this investment would provide us support to expand our business and we will be able to provide more best-quality products for the Iraqi people. Our staff and equipment is according to the international standards. We are looking towards long-term based relationships with the International Finance Corporation in order to manage our plans of expansion. This loan will help us to import the latest water treatment and bottling equipment. It will also participate for transferring of latest technologies in order to improve the quality.

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