International Monetary Fund to Give $ 833 Million to Iraq

The IMF International Monetary Fund declared a statement that IMF is ready to provide an exceptional financial assistance to Iraqi government with a worth of 833 million dollars for meet their need in their country and to fight against Daash terrorist organization. The IMF representatives settled with the Iraqi government regarding the size of the AID. This amount will be used for rapid financing according to program. The agreement should be approved by the Iraqi fund management which is planned for release in the month of July.

He further added that the International Monetary Fund has decided to help Iraqi government on its remarkable efforts to meet the economic challenges and effects of the war against terrorism and against Daash and major decline in the global oil prices in the international markets. According to the IMF, the Iraqi economy is indicating a decline of 2.1 percent last year. There are a number of factors that are involved for declining the Iraqi economy. The Iraqi Internal security conditions reflected very bad impacts on the economy of Iraq. Now, the International Monetary Fund realized to help the Iraqi government to overcome its budget deficit problems and general economic issues.

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