International Global Company offered services in finding Corruption & Fraud

A global company “Ernstr Young” has showed eagerness in providing their services regarding the investigation in the field of fraud and in the field anti-corruption including investigation about governmental staff and employees. A statement issued by the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister yesterday, the statement indicated that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi welcomed the Director of International Ernstr Young Global, David Stalb in the Prime Minister office. The director of the company expressed the willingness of the company in providing their services in the field of fight against corruption in the country. He also offered in strengthening the financial management and investigation in the field of fraud and investigations for the disputes of personnel. The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi also received the CEO of Siemens, Joe Classier in his office in the same day.

Global company willing to offer their services

On Sunday, the Iraqi Minister of Oil, Ali Jabbar Luaibi has announced that there is an increase in the Iraqi oil reserves and estimated at 153 billion barrels as compared to the previous estimated figures at 143 billion barrels. The Iraqi Oil Ministry issued a statement that the Iraqi oil minister said that the experimental activities and oil reserves in 7 oil fields in southern and central Iraq have participated in adding at least 10 billion barrels in the current oil reserves in Iraq. It brought the reserves at 153 billion barrels as it was previously at 143 billion barrels. He also stressed that Iraq is looking to ask from OPEC to adopt it. The Iraqi Oil Minister also said on Friday that Iraq is working in building its own large & modern fleet of oil tankers. He added that the Iraqi Oil Tanker Company should improve its work to carry the national production of crude oil & gas in order to increase the export of Oil and Gas.

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