Increase in Oil Exports Despite Low Prices

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– It was announced by the oil ministry of Iraq that their export ratio of oil increased recently. During the month of October the oil exports rose. The total revenue earned through the oil export during the month of October was equal to seventy six million and three hundred thousand barrels. These barrels were worth six billion and one hundred and ninety million dollars.

The oil exports from the province of Basra and Kirkuk were also high. it was seen that all the different provinces put in their share for everything and the handling and management of the different things included the handling of different items in a better way.

Oil is the basic item of Iraq and Iraq needs to depend on it in the right way by exporting it as much as possible to gain back its financial status. It would take those years to develop but only oil export is their only hope. It is not possible for any one to give them huge loans and then the payment of loans is also another factor. This is a great sign that their oil exports has risen and it would help them gain a better system of management in very less time.

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