Dues oil companies not included in the budget next year

Dues oil companies not included in the budget next year


Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Hassan Izmir, on Monday, that the general budget for next year does not guarantee the yet dues oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, pointing out that he was the first to discuss the budget for seven months to resolve the thorny issues between Baghdad and Erbil.

He Izmir for “tomorrow’s Press”, “The central government has not included in the general budget for the next year dues oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region,” noting that “it was supposed to begin discussions on their respective headings relationship Baghdad and Erbil financially, seven months before and after the ratification of the 2013 budget to end the relationship with the vocabulary of the central government, which is thorny. ”

“The Council of Ministers can not send the budget to the House of Representativeswithout reaching an agreement because of the size differences unresolved on the ground to turn the Queen delay budget to Parliament,” noting that “the House of Representatives hand to discuss the terms of the budget and approved by away from the technical side, which concerns the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Oil federated. ”

The Finance Minister Ali Shukri announced in October 2013, ending the draft federal budget for Iraq for the next year 2014, which will amount to 174 billion U.S. dollars.

He was a member of the Finance Committee Hassan al-Bayati ruled out, in the 23 of last month in a statement for “tomorrow’s Press,” to resolve the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq on the dues of oil companies and the salaries of the Peshmerga, attributing it to hold each of the parties in his opinion, and noting that this will reflect negatively and will delay the arrival of the federal budget to Parliament.

The MP for the rule of law Mohammed Chihod, confirmed in 24 of the last month, and the presence of the intentions of some of the political blocs to derail approval of the GeneralBudget Law to serve their own interests, adding that the aim of this obstruction to keep the situation in Iraq as it is in the service side.


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