Important Session of Iraqi Parliament

The 2nd regular session of Iraqi House of Representatives for the 2nd legislative term and the 4th legislative year took place under the chairmanship of Saleem Al-Jubouri. 195 deputies attended the session called by the speaker of Iraqi House of Representatives. They ended reading of 4 laws and started reading for one draft law. The information department of Iraqi House of Representatives issued a press statement that the Iraqi Parliament voted at the starting of the session on a parliamentary decision regarding Jerusalem at the request of MP Hamid Al-Khudari. A large number of deputies condemned the decision of U.S President regarding Jerusalem and prepared an aggressive decision for Peace & Security. He also stressed that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine. He called the Iraqi government to initiate diplomatic struggle to secure the privacy of Jerusalem.

Important Session of Iraqi ParliamentThe speaker of Iraqi House of Representatives, Saleem Al-Jubouri pointed out that the draft budget law on the agenda is now motivating some Iraqi parliamentary blocs for not to attend the session. He referred to the presence of a debate on the Iraqi financial budget with the Iraqi government. It indicates the possibility of amendments in the draft law. He called Iraqi financial and economic committees to finalized consultation regarding Iraqi budget 2018. The Chairman of the Iraqi Finance Committee said that the budget law wasn’t able to change the political objections of the blocks. The Council also finalized reading about the report and discussed the supposed law of the Iraqi House of Representatives including formations submitted by the financial and legal committees. The Council also finalized the intermediations of deputies and directed task to MP Tawfeeq Al-Kaabi due to the importance of the supposed law of the Iraqi House of Representatives. It is due to Al-Kaabi sets up specific mechanism for oversight. The next session will be held on 8th January 2018.

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