Important Meetings between U.S & Iraq to keep U.S Forces in Iraq

The Iraqi official sources informed that a number of meetings took place between Baghdad and Washington, and a number of representatives from the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and the U.S President Donald Trump joined these meetings. The meetings were held to discuss the possible stay of U.S troops after elimination of Daesh. The Associated Press informed without mentioning the names of U.S sources that the discussions on the issue are still in progress. Point to be noted that there is a general agreement between the U.S and Iraqi governments regarding the need for existence of U.S troops in Iraq for long term in order to ensure the security of Iraq. The sources also confirmed that the U.S Secretary of Defense James Mattis also participated in these discussions. Mattis also informed ABC News that the major objective of these discussions was regarding continued existence of U.S forces in the bases of Iraqi territory.

Important Meetings between U.S & Iraq to keep U.S Forces in IraqHe further added that there are at least 5 locations in the Mosul area at northern Iraq and Iraqi border with Syria. He pointed out that there are more than 7 thousand U.S military troops in Iraq in order to train and provide assistance to Iraqi security forces, and participating in the efforts against Daesh with international coalition. Our authentic sources informed that the Information Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has rejected the presence of any agreement with the United States for the continued existence of U.S troops in Iraq after gaining control of Mosul and elimination of Daesh organization. But, the international and local news agencies has confirmed that Iraq had agreed the United States on the continued presence of U.S troops in Iraq after getting back Daesh occupied areas in Iraq. The U.S officials had confirmed that U.S forces including trainers, experts and consultants from different countries will stay in Iraq after the elimination of Daesh.

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