Important Meeting of CBI Governor with IMF in Washington

The Governor of Iraqi Central Bank Dr. Ali Mohsin delivered his words during his meeting with the Governors of Central Banks in Washington and the Director General of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). He thanked the Director General Mr. Laccard for hosting this important meeting. He said that Iraqi government is dedicated in the implementation of its program with the IMF (International Monetary Fund), in spite of difficult conditions. He added that Iraq hopes that the 3rd revision will be finalized under the program during stay of Iraqi delegation in Washington. Ali Mohsin said that Iraq admires the efforts of the IMF team and their flexibility of the policy advising. It is essential in achieving this level of flexibility and in understanding the exceptional situation in Iraq. It is more important when we talk about balancing the social considerations with the financial and economic situation.

Important Meeting of CBI Governor with IMF in WashingtonAli Mohsin also said that the withdrawal of correspondent banks is an important issue for us. We also appreciate if the Middle East Division of the International Monetary Fund share their best practices and facilities and arrange a dialogue with shareholders to address this major issue. Iraq has a large number of refugees and displaced persons (about 3 million for displaced people) like other countries in the region. It would be more supportive for the Middle East in providing assistance in assessing the economic impact associated with it. So, the international community has a wonderful opportunity to provide assistance. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to the Kuwaiti government for their valuable support for Iraq. It is important that Kuwait will host the Iraq Reconstruction Conference in the coming months. He added that we welcome the technical support of the International Monetary Fund in the preparation of this conference.

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