Important Meeting of Al-Abadi in Paris with 25 Major French Companies

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has made a visit to the headquarters of the French organization of employers in the capital Paris. He also joined a discussion session with the heads of major French companies. The Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement that Al-Abadi described the progress of Iraq in various sectors and unbeatable victories achieved by the Iraqi armed forces. He also expressed about heroic defense of Iraqi unity and improved security situation in the country. He pointed out that operations of Iraqi security forces for the liberation were intended to achieve stability in the country. He further indicated that Iraqi government has started the reconstruction campaign for entire Iraqi provinces, especially in the liberated areas occupied by the militants of ISIS and Daesh organization. He added that it has been considered our success for opening the reconstruction process in the country. He said that that efficient and attractive plan of Iraqi government has opened new doors for investment.

Important Meeting of Al-Abadi in Paris with 25 Major French CompaniesAl-Abadi further added that there are a lot of opportunities for French companies seeking to invest their valuable money in various fields, including energy, oil, housing, agriculture, reconstruction of infrastructure, communications, basic services, construction of roads, environment and various other sectors available in the country for foreign investors. Most economic experts believe that it would provide a large number of job opportunities for Iraqi people. The heads of French companies have shown their willingness to work in Iraq and participate in the reconstruction process in the country. There are at least 25 major French companies expressed their desire to work according to the terms and condition of their companies. The heads of these companies also presented their several proposals and inquiries regarding investment opportunities for the labor market in Iraq. The Iraqi Prime Minister and ministers in his delegation discussed and answered to those proposals.

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