Important Meeting between Iraqi & Saudi Foreign Ministers in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia is aiming to cancel the previous Iraqi debts and looking to open the flight operation from Riyadh to Baghdad and Najaf very soon. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has issued a statement that Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met with the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel Al-Jubeir in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Both sides discussed on the sidelines of international coalition meeting in the U.S capital Washington against Daesh and other terrorist groups. The statement further indicated that they discussed during the meeting on bilateral relations and development. Both sides stressed to find perfect ways to strong relations and open new opportunities for joint cooperation in various fields. They agreed the need for a significant amount of visits between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, including exchange of officials especially minister of trade and industry in the future. It would provide a handsome support to increase trade and investment volume of the country.

Important Meeting between Iraqi & Saudi Foreign Ministers in RiyadhThe statement further indicated that Al-Jaafari highlighted Iraqi desire in establishing much better relations the Saudi Arabia. He further added that Iraq still needs a handsome amount of financial support and humanitarian aid for Iraqi people. He said that Iraq is in the infrastructure reconstruction phase in most Iraqi cities after their entirely liberation from Daesh organization and other terrorist groups. At the other hand, the Saudi Foreign Minister has expressed his cheerfulness with the visit of Iraqi delegation to Riyadh. The Iraqi delegation was headed by the undersecretary of Iraqi Foreign Ministry. The Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir also described it as a positive sign in order to activate the cooperation volume between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He also pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking to open its flight operations from Riyadh to Baghdad and Najaf in order to empower bilateral relations between both sides.

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