Important Meeting between Iraqi and U.S Banks in Washington

The presence of officials from Iraqi banks and the U.S banks in Washington are witnessed of the importance of Iraq and Iraqi economy for the United States. There is a continuous preparation for a U.S-Iraq meeting expected on 18th October 2017, between the Association of Iraqi private banks from Iraqi side and the Institute of Strategic Studies from U.S side. Ali Tariq, the Executive Director of the Iraqi Private Banks Association said that Iraq has a great international interest. It will be acknowledged by the presence of international delegations from a number of economic blocs. He added that there is a significant amount of cooperation between the Association of Iraqi private banks and the U.S Treasury. He said that both sides continuously arranging meetings in order to discuss most efficient and perfect mechanisms to promote the financial sector in Iraq. He said in a press interview that the cooperation strength between both sides has been increasing its levels of mutual benefit and the U.S Iraqi forum has its own importance.

Important Meeting between Iraqi and U.S Banks in WashingtonHe added that the forum will begin in Washington on 18th October 2017. Ali Tariq said that the Association will present an evolutionary plan in order to raise the efficiency of human resources according to international levels. He further indicated that the latest technologies have provided a considerable amount of support in the international financial sector. It enables the international banking sector in bringing more advanced technology. The representative of the U.S Treasury Department in the U.S embassy in Iraq said that the United States is taking keen interest in the development of Iraqi financial sector. It should be highlighted by the media for those who follow this achievement in the most economic sectors in any country in the world. Ali Tariq pointed out that the forum will discuss the cooperation mechanisms between Iraqi banking sector and American side.

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