Important Meeting between Al-Jubouri and Barzani

On Sunday, Office of the Speaker of Iraqi House of Representatives, Saleem Al-Jubouri issued a statement that a meeting held between Al-Jubouri and the President of Kurdistan regional government Massoud Barzani. This meeting took place to stop the worsening of relationship between Iraqi federal government and Kurdistan region due to the serious side effects caused by the referendum conducted on 25th September in the Kurdish region. He added that the influences of regional states into the crisis between Erbil and Baghdad threatening the stability and security of Iraq. Al-Jubouri stressed that both sides should find a way to avoid the separation between the center and the region. He said during the meeting that both sides should focus on the unity of Iraq, stability and security of their people. It would be the best solution for entire crises and it would deal efficiently with all matters that have increased tension between both sides.

Important Meeting between Al-Jubouri and BarzaniAl-Jubouri called on all parties to obey the national principles in order to finalize disputes between the two sides. He added that we should peacefully solve entire issues due to the presence of terrorism. He said that political differences can be solved and Iraqi constitution allows rights to all Iraqi citizens under the principle of justice and equality. We should activate economic development and providing services to improve the living standards for all people in all Iraqi regions. The statement further indicated that both sides stressed the importance of partnership and respect for its foundations for comprehensive interests. He stressed the need for a comprehensive dialogue on entire issues to calm the current situation without threatening language. Al-Jubouri said that it is essential to deliberate with the Iraqi federal government, Iraqi parliament and political parties. The Kurdish President Massoud Barzani stressed that Kurdish region is ready for productive and positive dialogue with Iraqi federal government without any preconditions.

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