Important Meeting between Al-Abadi & U.S Secretary of Defense

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi met with the U.S Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and said that security forces are achieving targets rapidly and speedily than planned to liberate Mosul city.

The information Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement that Haider Al-Abadi met in his office with the U.S Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Saturday 22nd October 2016. The statement further indicated that Al-Abadi stressed our heroes are moving forward bravely and achieving their targets more rapidly and positively than planned. He also confirmed that there are only Iraqi armed forces fighting on the battle field and there is not foreign forces fighting on the ground. He confirmed that Iraqi forces are liberating areas captured by the Daash militants. Al-Abadi further added that an agreement took place between Iraq and Turkey yesterday regarding the health sector. A Turkish delegation was arrived in Iraq yesterday and arranged meetings by offering their proposals, but we refused their proposals for participating in the battle of Mosul.


Al-Abadi also confirmed the Turkish delegation that only Iraqi forces are fighting on the ground to liberate Mosul city and the operation will be finalized very soon and Iraqi government will not allow any foreign force to participate on the battle ground to liberate Mosul. Ashton Carter also congratulated Al-Abadi and Iraqi people for the achievement of victories and said that the U.S administration is happy about Iraqi unity and Iraqi position in the critical and important battle against Daash militants. He pointed out that U.S allies respect the sovereignty of Iraq and we are not providing any kind of ground support, but we will continue our support for Iraq after getting request from Iraqi government. They also discussed about the next phase after liberation to stabilize the Mosul. It is important that the Iraqi armed forces are moving positively and liberating Mosul positively and rapidly.

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