Important Issues for Iraqi Budget 2016

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi budget 2016 issue is still at the talk of the town about its legal timing and assurance for international transparency standards, but it has been considered to get benefits for all the major issues experienced from the previous budgets that caused in pushing Iraqi economy into critical crises and blocked the financial institutions in the country. It is also said that after finding relationship between the specific complications new economic doors will be opened to finalize unresolved problems. Iraq is looking to settle down its debt according to the Paris Club because it has turn down a number of debt payable by the Iraqi methods.

It would make clear the nature of Iraqi economic policy with the relationship of global economies and to work the methods of international organizations connected with Iraq for a number of years. It should be specific by the international structures and contribute its own financial, economical and political benefits. Since 2003, the economic condition in Iraq declined by a number of issues made by the Iraqi political and security situation. The government agencies in Iraq should take some major steps to encounter the dimensions and to minimize the destructive effects such as minimizing overhead, completing the financial variance and to find the practical resources to overcome the deficit problem in Iraqi federal budget. These measures would be more affective to follow the rational economic and financial policies and by adjusting the Iraqi banking policies to control the increasing crises. It is also important to take some specific measures to stop money laundering, smuggling of hard currencies and to control administrative and financial corruption in the country.

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