Important For Middle East – Kuwait And Iraq Relations

The foreign affairs minister said during the receiving of the Kuwaiti ambassador in Iraq named Ali al momin said that Prime Minister are to visit very soon as possible to give assistance to all of the issues and matters to resolve the pending issues. He said that this is the need of time for us to make all this happen. He said his visit to Iraq will pave a way of comfort level relations with one another.

The foreign affairs minister confirmed during a meeting Kuwait ambassador said that all prospects have been prepared, documentations are being completed, Memoranda of Understanding has also been designed which is to be signed by the both parties at the end of the meeting. In this way we are fully ready to make all this happen. We are really hopeful that the relations between these countries will be long lasting and durable.

Al Momin said that we want to give Iraq a true helping hand to support Iraq in every aspect. We know that Iraq is not capable to handle all this and Iraq wants support in this regard and we are here to give the full support to Iraq. We appreciate Iraq in oil production and gas because we know that Gas is only the tool for Iraq that can prove to be the best source of income and really helpful to support the economy of Iraq. Al Momin said Kuwait wants more bridging of relations to ensure the welfare, common interests, and strong relations according to the culture and rules. We are ensure that PM visit will be the binding of strong relations.

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