IMF Warned to Take Major Steps to Reduce External Financial Differences

The International Monetary Fund warned the world economies to take major steps in decreasing the external overabundance of financial differences. It is most important in improving the financial status for reliable global growth and maintaining stability financially. The First Deputy Director of International Monetary Fund David Lipton also added in a debated about report for external sector 2015. He released a statement about the latest developments and measuring the attitudes of foreign economies. He also added that we have found financial differences in current growth that chop down to a large amount of magnitude during the period of 2006 to 2008, regardless the factors that are making differences on a very large scale.

Lipton further said that the overall progress in last seven years decreased slightly in the amount of overabundance of financial differences. He also added that some individual economies have shown their progress but they also faced a number of problems. He said that the United States also decreased a large amount of deficit and the United Kingdom and many other markets have a large amount of deficit. The Deputy Managing Director further said that we should measure the current changes in the foreign currencies exchange rates in the characteristics of many major and important developments. Most of the foreign currencies showed a natural response with variation in commodity prices, such as declining in the oil prices and it affects on economic growth, inflation rates and monetary policies.

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