The IMF imposed Conditions to Support Iraq in Kuwait Donor Conference

On Monday, MP Zana Saed said that the IMF has forwarded its requirement to Iraqi government regarding its support for Iraq in the donor conference. The IMF will support Iraq in exchange for 14% allocation for the Kurdistan region in the Iraqi federal budget 2018. Saed said in a press interview that the Iraqi Finance Committee earlier arranged a meeting with the IMF. He pointed out that the Fund didn’t indicate such requirement, but the IMF recently imposed its requirement regarding the support for Iraq in the donor conference in exchange with the allocation of 14% for the Kurdistan region or 10 trillion Iraqi dinars in the Iraqi federal budget. He added that the Iraqi government is trying to terminate this condition because it will badly affect the Iraqi position during donor conferences, especially the donor conference to be held in Kuwait.

The IMF imposed Conditions to Support Iraq in Kuwait Donor ConferencePoint to be noted that the Iraqi government and the Iraqi House of Representatives had finalized the share at 12.67% according to the Article 9 for the Kurdistan region of the entire actual expenses. Their current general expenses and expenses of investment projects are according to the souls of each province. It was said by the western contractors at a U.S-led coalition base in Iraq that the United States earlier started to decrease its troops from Iraq after a considerable amount of termination of terrorist groups from the country. The weapons and equipment have been started transferring from Iraq to Afghanistan. They also said that last week a large number of American soldiers have left Iraq on daily flights. 2 Iraqi officials also informed press that the U.S-led coalition reached an agreement to decrease its armed forces from Iraq since they deployed at the beginning of the war against terrorism in the country at least 3 years ago.

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