The IEC Warned an Expected Civil War in Iraq

The IEC Warned an Expected Civil War in Iraq

On Tuesday, the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) issued warning of civil war in Iraq. This warning issued after just one day the Iraqi House of Representatives called to abort abroad elections and conditional voting in 4 Iraqi provinces for displaced people. A press statement issued by the head of the electoral commission body in the Electoral Commission, Riaz Badran that there is a chance to overthrow the Iraqi election results earlier announced by the IEC. He added that the expected action against the election results may drive a massive blowup to the civil war in the country. Badran also pointed out that the Iraqi constitution doesn’t permit to cancel the elections abroad.

IEC Independent Election Commission

On Monday, the Iraqi House of Representatives voted in a special session regarding elections abroad and conditional voting in IDP camps in Nineveh, Anbar, Diyala, and Salahuddin provinces. Voting within above-mentioned areas didn’t arrange for Iraqi citizens, except the voters from minorities managed by the quota. Less than 10% of the ballot boxes were counted in the polling stations. It is important that leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr arrived in Kuwait on Monday. Al-Sadr also warned about incomplete alliances in the parliament in forming the largest bloc and expected intervention of Iran and United States in forming a new government in Iraq.

A report was published by Al-Hayat newspaper that the Iraqi Parliament successfully conducted a meeting and 168 deputies participated in this special session. They decided results cancellation of the abroad elections. They need to force the IEC for hand counting and sorting of the ballot boxes by 10% in the polling stations in Kirkuk and in the disputed areas (results cancellation areas). They need to ensure that electronic data should be matched with the fund data. Manual polling might be conducted after exceeding 25% of mismatching results data. The Electoral Commission also confirmed the increase of confusion, but the Iraqi House of Representatives should resolve the issue before the end of its term.

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