How to Stay Healthy in Iraq?

There are many different kinds of diseases that affect you in the Iraq; even you are vaccinated properly from your home country. Therefore you need to take some other rational steps to avoid such diseases in Iraq. Your routine and behavior are two main factors that will play crucial role in this process. You need to do the following things to avoid any expected disease that can hurt you a lot.

You need to be very careful while you eat or drink something in Iraq. It is better for you to avoid the food from ordinary vendors who are selling food in the streets. It is one of the best practices that you cook your food in your living apartment. You will have to spend a few amount of Dinars for this and it will also be hygienic for your health. Always eat hot food as it is cooked and served to you. The egg is one of the most used essentials of breakfast; therefore fry it properly before eating.

Don’t eat half fried or raw egg in your breakfast as it can be non-hygienic in Iraq. Don’t use tap water as it can be non-hygienic for you. Always drink pure drinking water of a famous brand to avoid diarrhea in Iraq. Don’t cook vegetables in the tab water that is non-hygienic to drink. Use ice made of bottled water of a famous brand. Never eat a fruit without washing it in clean water.

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