High Index Rate of Iraq Stock Market

Stock Market NewsBaghdad: out of five securities meetings, the first meeting held and proved so positive for Iraq stock market with the 1.35 percent general index. As compare to the last session that which was 105.68 points, this session has scored well 104.27 points.

A healthier growth is also seen in the share traded throughout this session which is 844.39. The estimated volume of this traded stock is 844.39 million shares and the value of this stock is estimated to one billion and 6.768 million dinars. The total contracts traded during this session were 409.

From listed 73 electronic companies, the 37 companies took part in the trading during the session. From these 37 companies, the 17 companies have stable condition and faced no decline in the value of the shares but a miner fluctuation has been seen in the value of other 20 companies.

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