Hakim warns of trying to pass the budget without reference

Hakim warns of trying to pass the budget without reference


hakimWarned the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, Wednesday, to pass the budget without reference to Parliament, stressing the need to solve problems without “circumvent” the constitution. Hakim said in a statement received “Alsumaria News” a copy of it, during a ceremony hosted by the occasion of the birth of Sayeda Zeinab in his office in Baghdad,

said that “the democratic structure is the foundation so you must solve problems without circumventing the Constitution, institutions and non-targeting partners and Tkhuynhm including breaking the bonds of the relationship between the blocs,” He warned of “another attempt to pass the budget without reference to the Council of Representatives.”

Hakim added, “We commend the invitation reference citizens to get on the ballot and choose good efficient and loaded citizen responsibility for choosing and standing at the same distance from everyone in terms of support,” pointing out that “the reference to suggest that there is a valid and Talha citizen to distinguish between them because there are those who work for Iraq and to serve the people and there are those who worked for his party and his group. ”

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said during his weekly, on Wednesday, that the government will be spent from the federal budget so that did not initiate and approved by the House of Representatives, indicating that it has the right to implement a lot of projects stalled “as” the chief executive officer of the state under the Constitution.

It is noteworthy that the general budget of the state, has become the stuff of debate and an exchange of accusations between the political blocs all, they are still languishing in the corridors of the House of Representatives did not take place until its readers for the first time since it was approved by the Council of Ministers (the current January 15).


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