Gulf Workers Return to Iraq

Oil FieldsIraqi Dinar 123 News :- It was seen that the Gulf workers were sent back. Some people from the Gulf region were given jobs in Gulf Keystone Petroleum and oil production areas some time back. It was seen that the people from countries were working together for the company. Violence issues were reported last year. Almost thirteen months back in August 2013 the workers indulged in violent activities due to which the company started evacuation the foreign contractors form the region. In result to that several people have been sent back to their countries.

The company is trying to focus on its production of oil and not to let drop due to the lack of workers. They are producing almost 40 thousand barrels of oil per day in the Kurdistan region. Almost thirty percent of the production of oil is being sold in the local market while almost 220 thousand barrels are being exported which has increased the revenue of the company to $ 9.4 million dollars. Oil is the major source of export in Iraq and with more production of oil and with export of oil to other countries the government of Iraq can make its economy better manifolds.It is important that proper planning and management should be done so that the economic conditions of the country can become stable.

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