Gulf Train Project – A Gateway To Success For Entire Middle East

Gulf Train Project – A Gateway To Success For Entire Middle East

Ministry of transport of Iraq announced on 31 January, 2013 that we are planning to start the gulf train project with the name of the gulf train project. He said this project will open up the gates of developments in the entire Middle East. He said that this project will start from Kuwait and end in United Arab Emirates through Saudi Arabia. This project will be completed at the end of 2017 with the assistance of the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and financial aid will be taken from the World Bank to complete this project. And this will be completed in any way because this project can only be the way to increase the relations among the gulf estates and people of the gulf will avail the opportunity to get interact with  one another.

Karim Nauri, the Ministry’s spokesman said that Iraq would be happy to initiate this project as soon as possible and completion of this project as this is a strategic level train project and in favor of the entire gulf so there shouldn’t be any delay in this project.

He said that we have some problems that we may face as a challenge and this problem is regarding the finances and infrastructure. But we will face this and will be successful in solving these problems. We should try to get the financial aid from the World Bank. And there are chances we will get the financial aid from the World Bank. Nouri said that we have assigned a task to a company to make a feasibility report on this project. After the feasibility report, the project will start and will be left until it finishes.Feasibility report will be made till March 2013 and after this project will be started very rapidly.

Nouri said we have signed an agreement with a Chinese company to import the 20 locomotives and these locomotives will be then used for running the train among the Gulf States. He said that we will try to provide the five star services in the trains to the passengers so they prefer and enjoy the train journey while moving to other gulf states. This is our motto and aim that we want to see in reality. He said that it was our dream to open up the gates of good relations among the Gulf States and we are happy to announce that Train project is the first binding to build stronger relations between these countries.

The Elaph Electronic newspaper has also issued this news about the Train project to be inaugurated very soon. According to the news this train project will be started from Kuwait, pausing to Dammam and then to Qatar, and from Qatar to port Salwah and then port Salwah to Bahrain and then Bahrain to Baghdad and then from Baghdad to UAE Al-Ain and then Muscat via Sohar  and this project will be of total length 2117 KM.

Many experts are saying that this project will be of great importance according to economic development point of view and this train project will be the developing for the entire gulf.

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