Gold Prices Fall Again

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– Gold prices that were going high during the past few months suddenly fell on Wednesday. The gold prices in the Asian trade touched the highest level in the past two months. During the time of the last three months; the prices of silver fell down. The stock market paid double price on Tuesday since Mid-April when it had been hiking.

The yellow metal reached its peak but on Thursday the price suddenly fell badly after a huge climb during the past nine months. The U.S central bank had asked to raise interest rates because of the violence caused in the Middle East. It has been reported that the price of gold on Tuesday was $ 6.24 to 1311.36 U.S dollars an ounce at 0304 GMT from the highest level of 1325.90 U.S dollars since the mid of April.

Silver also dropped as usual following the gold to 20.68 dollars an ounce after it took a hike to 21.14 dollars on Tuesday which was the highest since the 18th of March. The U.S futures fell to about $9 i.e. 1312.30 dollars an ounce, platinum prices also fell and palladium after being sold at a record level faced issues about ample supplies.

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