Gold Dips Further Down

On Wednesday, the price of gold showed continuous fall in the Asian markets and it was approached at its lowest level since last four months. The gold considered as a safe way of investment and attracted a large number of investors from all around the world to participate in gold investment. Greece crisis of debt are declining the Chinese equity markets.

The price of gold dropped in the spot transactions at 0.2 percent with 1153.68 U.S dollars per ounce. It showed a decline of more than 1 percent compared to the previous session. In today session, this precious yellow metal was at 1148.05 U.S dollars, which is considered the lowest level since 18th March. The gold is an example followed by the other precious metals that are losing sharply after getting more strength in the price of U.S dollar.

The Silver also showed downfall at 1 percent in the Asian trading markets with 14.91 U.S dollars per ounce. It is also suffering with a loss of 4 percent compare to the previous session. Since December 2014, it was also traded at its lowest level. Platinum is also trading at its lowest level since early months of 2009 and it was also fell with its lowest level in 2013. Now again it is showing a lowest level than ever.

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