Global Market to Receive Bonds Launched By Iraqi Government

On Friday, the Central Bank’s Board of Directors member Majid issued a statement that the international market is able to adopt bonds that the Iraqi government has planned to launch this year. Point to be noted that according to the financial point of view, the international status of Iraq is much better despite the entire current situation and environment, and the commitment of the Iraqi government to pay all debts suffered by the country. He further added that this objective depends on the Iraqi credit rating which the Iraqi government is working hard to get this credit rating.

He also explained that the international currency market would receive the Iraqi government issued bonds, but there are a number of methods that should be adopted in order to complete the process of launching these bonds. He also added that the international acceptability for Iraq from the economic and financial point of view is much better and Iraq is much committed for paying all the debts that is according to its trust. The Iraqi Central Bank has launched that short amount of enterprise fund having trillion Iraqi dinars in cooperation with the association of Iraqi private banks. These loans would also help in opening more than 25,000 jobs in the country.

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