Global Economy to Improve in 2015: World Bank

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The World Bank issued a statement in which the bank said that we are expecting moderate growth in the Global economy in 2015, although we experienced weaker growth last year. The bank also predicted 3% growth in 2015 will be added in the last year’s growth rate of 6.2% worldwide. This improvement will be most powerful in the UK and in United States, but there may be a weaker growth in Japan and Europe.

The bank also added that the most of the developing countries can grow up to 8% as compared to the previous year’s growth of 4.4%. According to the World Bank, it is also expected that low interest rates, agricultural crop prices and monetary policies in the major economies would play an important role in the global trade growth.

This report also identify the sharp declining in the oil prices since the mid of 2014 would support global activity for oil importing and developing countries, and there would be lower growth in the oil exporting countries. The bank also warned weak growth in Japan and Europe and a sharp decline in Chinese growth.

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