Funds Transferring for Minors Auctions by the Central Bank

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The department of the Ministry of Justice ready to give decision for transfer of funds in the Iraqi Central Bank auction, in order to get the money for the development of minors. The Director of the department said in an interview that the department is looking to invest money for minor’s development and we are also preparing to enter couriers within the CBI auctions for the month of April, but after the completion of some important and major routine processes. It is predicted that these kinds of auctions would help to boost the deposited shares with a minor at the circuit expense.

The department would enter the auction of 40 billion dinars especially after the Iraqi Central Bank to distribute 20 percent. The entry in the auction would be perfect to ensure in getting the heavy possible benefits to the funds of minors. There is also a financial benefit which would be helpful in realizing the money of a minor to increase the amounts and to ensure for not the loss in the financial value, although getting the legal age of minors. It also qualifies to manage his money.

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