Fuad Masum has signed final draft budget 2018

The Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri issued a statement that draft budget law 2018 has become a law after successful voting by the Ministers Council. He added that any kind of issue regarding the budget 2018 can be challenged in the Iraqi Federal Court. Al-Jubouri added in his press statement that there isn’t any kind of rejection formula in the Iraqi constitution in a way of veto and it can’t be adopted as a way to disapprove. He further explained that the Iraqi House of Representatives is not interested in again presenting any kind of altered draft budget law or in making any vote on any paragraph within the budget 2018. He said that Iraqi budget for the year 2018 voted from Iraqi Parliament and it should be taken into account according to the continuation of the normal publishing procedures.

Iraqi budget 2018

 Al-Jabouri added that consideration can be forwarded to the observations, but it will not initiate any effect on the finalized law as it was approved and voted by the Iraqi House of Representatives. He stressed that the Iraqi budget 2018 is still in the House of Representatives after the vote. He said that it should take the natural contexts of publication due to the time bounds set by the Iraqi Constitution. He stressed that the budget will not be presented again in the Iraqi House of Representatives. There will not be any paragraph in the review or voting on it. He pointed out that the normal situation after the voting from the House on the budget, the observations were submitted. It then re-sent back to the Iraqi President to set the time period for its publication. It is important the President of Iraq, Fuad Masum signed the draft bill of the federal budget for the financial year 2018 and it will be implemented very soon.

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