Friday Announcement by Muqta Al-Sadr and an Agreement between Iraq & U.S

On Thursday, our authentic source close to the Sadrist movement leader Muqtada Al-Sadr informed that Al-Sadr is looking to impose a new project and named it “Service Project”. The source also pointed out that this project will be announced on Friday in Tahrir Square in the central Baghdad. He said in an interview that the leader of Sadrist movement Muqtada Al-Sadr will announce his new project. The statement will be announced at 6pm on Friday evening at Tahrir Square in the Center of Baghdad. The source refused to mention major and important points of the expected new project. A close person to the leader of Sadrist movement Ahmed Al-Sadr recently twinkled in the political arena as the campaign & influence and emphasized to aid the displaced Iraqi people. He delivered a speech on Thursday morning at Tahrir Square in Baghdad.

Friday Announcement by Muqta Al-Sadr and an Agreement between Iraq & U.SOn Wednesday, the Washington Times newspaper has reported the secret negotiations between the government of Iraq and administration of the U.S President Donald Trump start since the beginning of May 2017 regarding keeping U.S troops in Iraq. The newspaper also pointed out that Washington is facing a new challenge in dealing with Iraq. Obama administration was failed in making an agreement concerned to keep U.S troops in Iraq after the elimination of Daesh from the country. The newspaper quoted statement of senior U.S officials that the dialogues between American officials and the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi have entered into a new status regarding the issue. It was also said that Convention will examine the diplomatic & legal elements for the long-term presence of U.S military in Iraq. It is important that the security adviser to the Kurdistan regional government has confirmed full support during his visit to Washington for an agreement to allow U.S troops to stay in Kurdistan after the liberation of Mosul.

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