France Confirmed Its Cooperation in Iraq

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – France again confirmed that they will continue their military and economic support for Iraq. France also confirmed about their fully equipped military forces including a number of well trained soldiers with latest weapons and technologies, to support Iraqi forces in the fight against the terrorist groups in Iraq. They also need to take part in the economic cooperation between two countries.

The head of the economic section Philip Ghali from the French Embassy in Iraq said that relations between France and Iraq have its importance, and we will cooperate to defeat the Daash and terrorist groups and we are a part of the international allied forces. He also said that our country is making a meaningful cooperation in the direction to supply weapons and latest equipment and to train the Iraqi security forces.

Philip Ghali also stressed that his country will not stop their cooperation in supporting Iraq in the fight against terrorism, and we will also participate in the reconstruction process. He also pointed out that France has a number of offers for Iraq to improve Iraqi business and economy, specifically which related to France. There are much better relations between companies in two countries. He also confirmed that Iraqi transport minister Baqar Al Zubaidi would visit France in the first week of February, where he will meet with French companies, officials and representatives. A very important economic forum in France would take place in April with the cooperation of the Iraqi representatives and the private sector in France.

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