Formation Of The New Government In Iraq

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– News has been given by the U.S sources that the Kurds have given a green signal in forming the government of Iraq. The Kurds have shown keen interest in forming the new government which is liked by the U.S. Massoud Barzani, the Kurd leader made this announcement. He said that the government would consist of people from all parties so that the new government formed would be strong.

Having people from all parties, the government would be a stronger one and would be able to deal with all the crises faced by the country. With a strong government controlling the country, it would be a good way to face the social, political and economic instability of the country.

Baghdad has the fundamentalist government managing things and the U.S government does not approve of the fact of exporting oil without the approval of the Baghdad government. The federal government should be kept in view when making any export decisions as Iraq is an oil rich state and needs to be keeping this power in proper use. It is important to have atleast a good stable government taking decisions in the sale of oil to give a boost to the Iraqi economy.

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