Foreign Investors Returning to invest in Various Sectors in Iraq: Experts

The Financial Times reported that there are a large number of foreign investors looking to start their business in Iraq. A significant amount of improvement in the Iraqi economic situation and a remarkable victory of Iraq in the fight against terrorism attracted more foreign businessmen and investors to participate in various investment fields in the country. Nawazine News quoted the statement of UN adviser to the Iraqi economy, Falah Al-Lami, as he said that a number of countries have shown their willingness for economic cooperation with Iraq, it is due to Iraqi government has declared its victory on entire Iraqi territory. He referred to a specific meeting between officials of the Iraqi Central Bank and representatives from Total and Airbus in the recent months. There were a number of delegations from government and private companies of Europe and the United States visited Iraq, including the visit of the British Prime Minister and a group of American companies.

Foreign Investors Returning to invest in Various Sectors in Iraq: ExpertsThe statement further indicated that it has been considered a handsome recovery by the Iraqi government. A large number of investors have shown their desire to invest in various sectors and fields related to the Iraqi economy after announcing a remarkable victory over financial terrorism. Al-Lami said that Iraq has become an attractive and secured place to participate in the economic cooperation. He added that after a significant amount of decrease in the global oil prices, Baghdad critically needed foreign investment. There are various Chinese companies already operating and investing in different sectors in the country and providing a handsome support to the Iraqi economy. The World Bank approved 1.485 billion U.S dollars as new aid package at the end of 2016. The aid was provided to boost up the economy of the country. It provided a considerable amount of support in the growth of Iraqi private sector by creating a significant amount of jobs.

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